The BrickMotion Network is an inofficial channel network that hosts all BrickMotion channels, as well as SP-4004, due to BrickMotion owner Alex Medtlek being it's webmaster. There are also some associated channels that are, however, not managed by Medtlek.

Owned ChannelsEdit

BrickMotionStudeos (12.02.2011-today)
BrickMotionPictures (February 2011-today)
SP-4004 (21.04.2013-today)
BrickMotion (30.11.2013-today)
BrickMotionStudeos EINS (12.06.2014-today)
BrickMotionStudeos ZWEI (12.06.2014-today)
BrickMotionStudeos DREI (07.11.2014-today)
BrickMotionStudeos NEWS (curruntly planned)
SdBM (curruntly planned)
EBM (curruntly planned)
SBM (curruntly planned)
EdBM (curruntly planned)
ABM (curruntly planned)
ブリックモーションスタジオ (curruntly planned)
Кдс (curruntly planned)

Associated ChannelsEdit

These channels are not an official part of the network but are in a close working association with it

Leo_Craf3er (02.04.2014-today)
Elefant Studios (12.04.2014-today)
Angezockt (08.06.2014-today)

Licensed ChannelsEdit

Due to very likely occuring managing difficulties, Alex Medtlek curruntly doesn't plan to extend the network to more than the curruntly planned language regions, but rather tries to get licenses with other channels so they translate the BrickMotion videos in their own language. These channels will be known as Licensed Channels, that are not officially seen as Owned Channels but rather as almost equally seen Associated Channels.

Non-Channel MembersEdit

  • Despite not having a channel, the company Q-Brick is seen as part of the network due to it's high involvement in certain productions on the BrickMotion channels.
  • The Minecraft server LeoCraft is generally seen as an associated member since it is associated to Leo_Craf3er.
  • The non-channel company BrickMotionGames is seen as part of the network since it belongs to BrickMotion.